What are Your Shopping Habits?

personal shopping habits

A little something that everyone has but is seldom aware of is shopping habits that are unique to themselves. Whether it is for necessities or pleasure purchases, every person has an individualized system of shopping that is a reflection of their personality and their psychology. Shopping is a task and a behavior that everyone in our culture is familiar with because we all shop routinely. Shopping makes use of our planning, budgeting, multitasking, improvising and socializing skills, which makes it an opportunity to analyze our behavior and compare it to others.

Some people exercise good habits and mental health practices when shopping. This is typically unconscious and reflects a generally responsible personality. This type of person will often make a list of what they are shopping for prior to going to the store in order to be prepared for selecting items. They will also frequently set a budget and a spending limit in order to manage the financial aspect of shopping. They have a well-developed sense of what is a necessity and what is frivolous, and shop accordingly. Their in-store shopping routine is systematic and efficient, and their manners toward other shoppers and store employees is calm and gracious. This type of person seldom has buyer’s remorse because they are very calculated in their spending.

Then, there is the type of shopper who exemplifies a number of bad shopping habits. Planning plays a small to non-existent part in this person’s shopping routine and tends to follow the person’s whims. Shopping trips tend to be made erratically instead of on a schedule and are frequently prompted by feelings rather than logic. Without a shopping list or a budget, the shopper will forget necessary items, purchase unnecessary items and frequently overspend, maxing out their cards. Their shopping behavior is unpredictable, and they may appear rude, unprepared or scatterbrained to other shoppers and store employees. Buyer’s remorse is common for this type of shopper.